Tire and Wheel or Rim Packages

Buying your tires with your wheels or rims all at the same time is a good idea. Tire, wheel, and rim packages are popular for that reason.

Ferrari wheel and tire

Ferrari wheels and tires are hard to improve on.

Tire and rim packages

Tire and rim packages are the way to go for most drivers. When you buy a matched set of rims with tires, you know for sure that they will fit together. In most cases, the wheel combo will already be verified to fit on your specific vehicle as well. Buying a pre-matched set can eliminate any potential problems such as:

– The tire and wheel package is not spaced properly

In many instances, you need to add wheel spacers in between your new wheels and the hubs of your vehicle. If you buy rims without knowing what the backspacing is, or what spacing your car requires, you may end up with a combination that won’t fit.  Buying a preselected tire and wheel package will ensure that your spacing will be correct.

– Tires and wheel packages will fit each other

In some cases, when a wheel set is purchased separately, the tire is too wide, or the wrong diameter to fit the rim. Tire and wheel packages are paired up with this in mind. The tire selected for a certain rim and tires package is guaranteed to be of a width and diameter that can be mounted on the rim.

Porche tires and wheels

Porsche tires and wheels are some of the best for road racing.

Wheels and Tire Packages to be avoided

Any wheel and tire package that is not specifically listed as being for your make and model of vehicle is a risk. There is a chance that it will fit, but it’s not really worth the time and money to find out. There are many import vehicles that have a 100mm X 4 wheel lug layout. Just because your car has 4 wheel lugs that are 100mm apart does not mean that any of these wheels and tire packages will fit and operate correctly on your car. The rims could be too narrow, or too wide. The tires could end up not being in the center of your wheel well. The tires could be too tall and bottom out. The wheels could be too wide and rub the inside of your fender well when you turn. There are many ways for a wheel and tire package to not fit correctly if you don’t buy one that is sized specifically for your year and model.

A Wheel and Tire Package to Consider

What you should be looking for is a wheel and tire combination that is sold by a reputable company. There are plenty of Craigslist ads selling wheel combos, these should be avoided. You should buy a set that is specific to your car. One size does not fit all. You should buy a set that other people have used successfully. You don’t want to be the one to find out that something is wrong with the setup. Look for pictures or reviews of other people with your car that have used the combo you’re considering. You should look for known brands of wheels and tires. Don’t buy some knock-off brand rim. Don’t buy a tire you’ve never heard of.

Important things to remember

Trusting something as important as your traction to chance is not a smart decision. Your vehicle was designed and engineered for a specific tire and a specific rim. Removing these and replacing them with aftermarket parts that could compromise your driving is not something to be taken lightly. Consider that all of your acceleration, braking, and cornering relies on good traction and well thought out suspension geometry. Changing these components could potentially endanger yourself and others if it negatively affects the handling of your ride. There are benefits to be had by selecting aftermarket performance products, but they must be selected carefully and with thought.

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