Diesel Exhaust Tips – the new fad

Whether you’re someone who is heavily into accessorizing cars and trucks and “tricking” out your ride, or if you’re a beginner to it, you’re going to come across diesel exhaust tips. They’re a very popular modification to add to an exhaust pipe.

How do diesel exhaust tips work?

Unlike the majority of vehicle modifications, diesel exhaust tips don’t necessarily “do” anything. It’s more about the appearance. Because they’re an easy modification that require little to no installation time, they’ve become a popular item for many different brands to sell. They come in a variety of different colors, shapes, styles, and sizes. You can even have a custom designed exhaust tip created. Whatever you could possibly imagine as a diesel exhaust tip design is completely doable.

What to consider when buying a diesel tip

While you don’t have to worry much about the function of diesel exhaust tips, you don’t really need to research how well they work. However, there is a lot of room in the industry for businesses that want to sell vehicle accessories. It is quite possible that you’ll find cheap accessories from lesser known sellers. Again, the function isn’t important, but there is still potential for a cheaply made diesel tip. This could cause damage to the exhaust pipe itself as well as the exhaust tip itself becoming broken. Because of this, make sure that you’re buying a reputable brand from a trusted seller.

Another thing you want to consider is getting the bolt-on type of exhaust tip if you don’t have access to a welder. The weld on style is more of a permanent fixture, and aren’t as easy to switch out. The bolt on option allows you to easily install the tip, and even switch and replace it as you see fit.

When shopping for your exhaust tip, make sure you’re getting a quality made tip. The way to determine if it’s created well is to take a look at what material it’s made of. If you get an exhaust tip that’s 100% T409 or T304 stainless steel, you’re getting a well made product that will hold up for a longer period of time.

You should also make sure that the exhaust tip that you’re looking at comes with a warranty. Depending on the brand and type of product you buy, you can get anywhere from a 1 year warranty, to some brands that offer a 1million mile warranty – that’s basically saying an entire lifetime.

diesel exhaust tips variations

Diesel exhaust tip variations

Benefits of having a diesel exhaust tip

Honestly – the one and sole benefit of having an exhaust tip is just for the look. It doesn’t do anything special, it just looks unique.

How to choose the right exhaust tip.

Even though exhaust tips just provide a new look to your car or truck, you will need to make a few decisions of which style you want to go for.

chrome diesel exhaust tip

Choosing a design?

If you have the need to protect your trailer from heat and exhaust, you should choose a turn down pipe. As its name suggests, a turn down pipe angles the exhaust down. Keep in mind that this style isn’t necessarily 100% effective, so if you have a crucial need to keep exhaust from your trailer, consider moving your exhaust exits to the side of your vehicle.

While going with a stainless steel exhaust tip ensures that you have a tip that will hold up, they can also tarnish easily from exhaust smoke. There are some tips that have spacing in between the finish and the pipe that helps to prevent the tarnishing of the steel.

diesel exhaust

Choosing a material

There are a number of different materials that exhaust tips can be made of. The ones that you will see most often are: Chrome, Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Carbon Fiber.

Chrome tips will provide the most shine. If you’re looking for that shiny, sparkling finish, then this will be your best bet. Chrome also provides a level of weather support. This is super important to consider if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or snow.

Stainless Steel tips can be polished, but won’t provide the same amount of shine as a chrome tip. Stainless Steel does provide the same weather protection, so it’s a fine option of you’re in an area prone to inclement weather.

Titanium diesel exhaust tips are a favorite because over time, they will develop a blue finish that’s desired by truck enthusiasts. The only downfall here is that the titanium option is going to cost you significantly more than the others.

Carbon Fiber tips are also going to cost you a pretty penny. The material itself has a higher market cost and costs more to make. Unlike the titanium option, the carbon fiber tip will not tarnish.
Both Titanium and Carbon Fiber are usually chosen by people who take their vehicle modifications very seriously.

It’s worth mentioning though that the more expensive exhaust tips are much more likely to be stolen and sold than the others. So if you do invest in one of the more expensive tips, take special care to lock your vehicle up, or store it in a place that you can trust.

Despite the fact that diesel exhaust tips don’t provide much of a function, they’re very popular for aftermarket modifications. The modified look and design that they provide are sought out features. They can range in price from very affordable to extremely expensive based on the type of material that they’re made of. There are benefits of all of the styles that are out there, and while different styles help keep exhaust smoke away from the trailer or give an ultra shiny finish, the type of exhaust tip that you go with is solely up to you. The one thing that you want to remember is that you want to buy your tip from a trusted brand that is made from a quality material. Otherwise you risk buying an exhaust tip that you’ll have to replace.

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