Doral Tires – performance and all weather radials

There is often a lot of confusion around the Doral tires brand. Hopefully we can clear some of that up and explain who makes them, where you can buy them, how they are sized, and what they are about.

The brand is owned and manufactured by a company called TBC brands. TBC Brands owns Treadways Corporation which makes Dorals. TBC brands own many tire brand names including:

Sumitomo, Multi-Mile, Eldorado, Cordovan, Sigma, Vanderbilt, Jetzon, Sailun, Dynacargo, Harvest King, and Power King

TBC brands was created in 1956 and it is based out of Palm Beach Gardens, FL. They are one of the world’s largest marketers of private brand tires.

By Multi-Mile

In the past, different brands have sold the Doral tire. They are manufactured in Thailand by Sumitomo. Currently they are being sold under the “Multi-Mile” name. The most common Doral you will find now is the “Multi-Mile Doral SDL-A”. The second most common Doral is the SDL 80.

Doral Tires Logo

Alternate logo for Doral brand tires.

Doral Tires Name Designations

Most Dorals are named SDL followed by a number. I’m not exactly sure, but it would make sense if the SDL stood for Sumitomo Doral. The number that comes after the SDL is the height of the tire above the rim. This number is called the aspect ratio. A Doral SDL 80 tire will have an 80% aspect ratio. All SDL 65 model tires have a 65% aspect ratio. The SDL A model tires are called so because they are available in all aspect ratios. The “A” stands for “All Sizes”.

Tire sizes

Tire size measurements are complicated. A tire size will look something like 175/70R13. To someone not familiar with tire marking convention, this looks like made up numbers. If you know what you’re looking at though, it gives you everything you need to know about the tire in one string of digits. The first number is the width of the tire. In our example, this would be 175mm. The second number is the aspect ratio. This is the number that the Doral tires use for their names. In our example, the aspect ratio is 70. This means that the height of the sidewall of the tire from the rim is 70% of 175mm. So our tire sidewall height would be 122.5mm. The “R” after the 70 means the tire is a radial. Almost all tires are now radials. The next number in the tire size is 13. This number is the diameter of the rim that this tire is for. In this case, the wheel size that this tire should go on is 13 inches.

Doral SDL 50 tire

Doral SDL tires use the aspect ratio as the model number

Why are tire sizes tricky?

I’ve often wondered how the standard tire measurement system came about. It makes no sense. It uses a metric system measurement, a percentage, and then inches, all in one size. It would make a lot more sense to have it all metric, or all standard, and no percentages.

Where to buy Doral tires?

Buying a Doral tire is best done like most other things these days, online. Shopping for tires online will allow you to compare and research everything you want to know without having to deal with a salesman. If you look online for Doral tires, you will be able to compare the prices of 100’s of different sellers with no pressure. There is also a much better selection of tires online than you would ever find in any one shop.

What are the drawbacks of buying tires online?

The bad thing about buying tires online is that you still need to take them to a local garage to be mounted and balanced. When you buy tires at an actual garage, they will mount and balance them for you at the time. When you order tires online, you get just the bare tires delivered and will need to find a local shop to install them. Keep this added cost in mind when considering buying online versus buying at a local tire shop.

Is a Doral Tire Worth Buying?

These tires have been around for a long time. They are manufactured by Sumitomo who is a great name in the business. This tire will meet or exceed all safety, traction, and blowout requirements. They do all of this while usually staying well below the price of similarly rated competing tires. These units have a lot to offer and very few if any negatives.

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