Electric car sales continue to rise

There have been electric cars available on the market for quite a while now, but they were never really seen as a viable alternative compared to traditional gasoline and diesel fuel engines.

That’s starting to change.

Electric car sales are climbing higher each and every year. They’re growing by a margin of 27% over the previous year (on average) for the last five years. More people are deciding to take advantage of everything that electric vehicles have to offer now than ever before. With car sales of electric vehicles climbing to historic levels, there’s no end in sight.

It’s definitely an exciting time to be an electric car owner (and more exciting to be the owner of the electric car company). Things are looking like they are only going to continue to get better moving forward.

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Electric car sales break the 100,000 vehicles level for the first time in the US

Electric vehicle sales have never eclipsed more than 100,000 in a single year until 2014. That’s when about 118,000+ electric vehicles (100% electric vehicles) were sold in the United States alone. That represented an almost 30% leap in electric car sales over the previous year. Estimates for 2015 show that we might be in for another 30% leap.

As mentioned above, things are getting very exciting for electric cars and the electric car industry.

Of all the electric vehicles on the market today, the Nissan Leaf continues to be the highest selling 100% electric vehicle on the planet. It just recently set a US electric car sales record in a single year by selling more than 30,000 units in 2014.

Now, that might not be a drop in the bucket compared to traditional automobile sales (of which there are millions and millions each year), but it’s nice to see that more people are turning to this alternative fuel source in large numbers. It might represent the swelling of a major trend that could transform the automotive and transportation industries forever.

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New battery technology and attractive designs support strong electric car sales

There are definitely a lot of different reasons as to why so many more people are interested in electric vehicles today than ever before. Two of the biggest reasons definitely have to be the major advances in electric battery technology that makes these vehicles more convenient than they ever were and the introduction of very attractive designs as opposed to the “blobs” they used to be.

Tesla has lead the charge in both of these categories. They introduced revolutionary new battery technology that stands to change the way we look at batteries forever. They’ve also been transforming people’s expectations about what a 100% electric vehicle has to look like into something very special.

These batteries designed by Elon Musk’s team of engineers leverage advanced and incredibly efficient technology. They store more energy than ever before without taking up anywhere near as much space. Since Mr. Musk has released all of the patents to these battery packs it’s likely that this will become the next standard or the foundation for new batteries going forward.

The Model S from Tesla is one of the most attractive sports cars ever produced. It’s definitely one of the most attractive 100% electric cars ever made. We are talking about a real piece of automotive beauty here, and that’s putting things rather mildly. This is a vehicle that has won design award after design award all over the world. This is the kind of vehicle that people are literally lining up to own.

We have definitely come a long way from those dorky looking electric cars with batteries that you never really could trust.

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The future of electric car sales is very, very bright

With electric car sales climbing higher and higher each year, it isn’t all that difficult – or that edgy – to predict that the trend is going to continue on for some time.

Thanks to major advances in the electric car industry (and the introduction of new electric vehicles making their way to market more frequently than previously) it’s likely that electric car sales will continue to hit annual records each and every year for at least the next five years. After that, there is a chance that the majority of people that will consider buying an electric already have. When that happens, the only buyers that haven’t bought an electric yet will be the ones who strongly oppose doing so. These buyers will be hard to convince, but at some point they will also have to make the switch to electric.

electric car sales chart

Why electric car sales matter

The reason that electric car sales matter is because they are a lot more efficient. The electricity that powers an electric car comes from a power plant. The power plants create energy a lot more efficiently than your gasoline burning engine. A typical gas engine is about 20% efficient.

Power plants also produce a lot less emissions for the same amount of power. Your normal trip to work and back may burn 2 gallons of gasoline and put the exhaust into the atmosphere. The same amount of energy required to get you to work and back could be generated at a power plant for a lot less money and create almost zero pollution. It’s cheaper, it pollutes less, and electric cars are more reliable too!

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