The best plug in hybrid vehicles available today

Hybrid vehicles used to be a bit of an automotive Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde kind of situation, but nothing could be further from the truth today.

These were automobiles that felt under-powered, undersized, and (honestly) under designed in the aesthetics department. Today’s hybrids are some of the most impressive vehicles on the road. There are even more impressive options currently in the manufacturing pipeline poised to hit dealerships all over the world in the next five years or so.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles have quickly become the “go to” for consumers that are looking to increase their fuel efficiency. They have established themselves as the ultimate commuter vehicle on the road right now. Those that have to tackle commutes of anywhere between 30 minutes and three hours are looking to leverage everything that a plug in hybrid has to offer. This has led to more manufacturers producing these kinds of hybrids than most expected.

If you’ve been thinking about sliding behind the wheel of a new plug in hybrid, but aren’t quite sure of which one to go with, hopefully you’ll find some helpful information below to help expedite your selection process.

Below we have listed and described a few of the more popular plug-ins.

plug in hybrid dashboard

View of the refined Honda dashboard.

Honda Accord Plug-In

The Honda Accord has always been one of the best-selling automobiles on the planet. This has been the case ever since it was first introduced more than 20 years ago. It remains an exciting and interesting option that only becomes more intriguing when you add a plug in hybrid engine to the mix.

Honda has always been about pushing the boundaries of fuel efficiency and reliability in all of their vehicles. They have definitely earned their reputation for producing automobiles that you know you are going to be able to trust to get the job done for years and years to come. There is a reason why Honda vehicles hold their value so well and the odds are pretty good that your brand-new Honda Accord plug in will hold its value pretty well, too.

A recent Fusion version.

A recent Fusion version.

Ford Fusion Energi SE

Ford dropped the ball a handful of times with the Ford Fusion. They almost completely scrapped this vehicle entirely from their product lineup at one point. The people behind Ford overhauled absolutely everything about the Fusion and in the process created one of the most exciting, interesting, and intriguing vehicles on the road today.

Already pretty fuel-efficient as a traditional vehicle, the new plug in hybrid version of the Fusion – the Ford Fusion Energi SE – is really something special. Not only are you going to be able to take advantage of its aggressive and attractive new sporty style, but you’re also going to be able to enjoy significantly improved fuel efficiency. You can pretty easily achieve 40+ miles per gallon thanks to the hybrid power train.

Prius hybrid

Prius plug-in

Toyota Prius Plug In Hybrid

The Prius is one of the hybrids that “started it all”. The Toyota Prius used to be one of the ugliest vehicles on the road, but that has also changed.

Today the Prius is a work of modern art in almost every way imaginable. It is an incredibly attractive vehicle but also is responsible for innovating the plug in hybrid technology to new heights. Most people never could have expected this level of tech hitting the market so soon.

volt hybrid

easily recharged plug in volt.

Chevy Volt

One of the newest “kids on the block” in the plug in marketplace, this hybrid is taking advantage of all the major engineering leaps forward that other automotive manufacturers have pushed for in the last 15 years while at the same time innovating as well.

It’s easily one of the most attractive (if not THE most attractive) plug in hybrid that money can buy today. The Chevy Volt is going to get you everywhere you want to go in style while at the same time giving you a major break at the pump that you’ll see in your bank account almost immediately.

Today’s hybrid options are far better than they’ve ever been in the past, but the hybrid car industry is still in its infancy. It’s impossible to know exactly what the next 10 or 15 years of technological advances will bring to the table. The odds are pretty good that these vehicles are only going to become even more impressive than they already are.

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