Truck Mud Tires and Rims for Sale

Mud tires for sale

A lot of people have difficulty finding mud tires for sale. Tires for the mud are more of a specialty item and are not stocked in a lot of repair shops. Usually the person looking to buy tires for off-roading has a certain style or brand that they want so it doesn’t really make sense to stock a lot of different types in the hope that one of them will be the type of truck tire someone wants. Even if a shop has the exact brand and model you would want, chances are they won’t be the exact size you were looking for. Every tire brand and model comes in many different diameters, wheel sizes, and aspect ratios.

truck mud tires

Truck tires for off road are a specialty item.

Mud tires and rims

Specialty tires and wheels are usually something that gets replaced at the same time. If a person is going to get buy tires that are just for use in the mud, it makes sense to also buy a special set of rims to mount them on. It just makes a lot more sense to have tires mounted on the same rims and just switch out the wheels when needed. The only other option would be to have one set of wheels and keep going back and forth mounting different rubber on them. That is definitely not convenient at all.

A mud tire for trucks

If you’re looking for off-road tires, most likely you will be getting them for a truck. A lot of buyers want to mount the biggest and widest mud tires they can fit under the fenders. This is a bad idea for a couple reasons. The first reason is that taller truck tires for mud will change your speedometer accuracy. The second reason is that they will require more torque from your engine to turn. The third reason is that they will often interfere with your ability to make tight turns.

Truck mud tires are tricky

If you’re going to take your truck in the mud, there’s more to it than buying big wide swampers. The wider a tire is the less pressure it has on it. Less pressure on it means that it’s not pushing down on the ground as hard as a narrower wheel would. A wide wheel will also reduce your turning radius in many applications. They tend to rub on the inside of your fender well before your steering system reaches its normal stopping point.

tall truck tire

Some offroad tires for trucks are very tall.

Picking out any non-standard size for your vehicle can be a challenge. There are many sizing charts and apps online that can tell you what size rubber you should mount on what size rims if you plan on going to a size that wasn’t offered by the factory. These charts will basically tell you what other combinations will give you the same overall diameter so that your speedometer will still be reading correctly. Another important aspect of keeping the same overall wheel diameter is that your suspension was designed for that specific wheel/tire height. If you change to a non-standard size, you can’t be sure, until you drive it, how the suspension will react, or if it will handle correctly at different speeds.

Tire noise

There are a few drawbacks to having big mud tires on your truck. Pretty much the worst part about them is that they make a lot of noise at highway speed. When you’re driving at anything over about 45 MPH, there will be a constant loud hum coming from under your vehicle. As you drive you will notice the sound changes in tone and volume depending on what type of road surface you are driving on. While the noise may change, it will always be present. This is something that drives some people crazy after a few weeks. It’s just something you have to learn to live with if you want to run a tire of this style.

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